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This was for English. It's utter crap.

Young Love
1. Not yet.

Alex and Jessica
The fire escape was dark. A small rectangle of light filtered in through the window embedded in the door, dully shining in the blackness, and above it the cold, red letters of the EXIT sign buzzed faintly, the quiet watcher, staring with disapproving eyes at the scene unfolding in front of him. There, up against the opposite wall, was an undulating mass of limbs and flesh. It moved and squirmed, locked in a strange dance of pleasure. In the dark it was impossible to see that the mass was in fact two separate beings. They were entangled deeply in one another, ravaging each others’ mouths with their own, pressing their bodies together until they appeared as a single organism. The long-haired girl was pinned to the wall, her soft lips mashed up against the boy’s hard ones. He was taller than her, and stooped slightly to reach her mouth. His body was heavy and muscled, hers petite and slender. His big hands were on her hips, and as they continued kissing, he began moving them ever so slightly upwards, coming nearer and nearer to the objects of his desire.
The kissing stopped. Her hand was suddenly on his arm, the ring on her fourth finger shining even in the dark, the cross charm attached to it swinging slightly.
“Not yet.”


He woke up on an autopsy table. He was face up, looking directly into a blinding, fluorescent light. The table was cold. It gleamed in the light. He was naked. His pale skin was covered in goosebumps. He sat up. The table was up against a wall. The room was white. Walls without decoration. The ceilings unremarkable. The floor spotless. There was an identical table on the opposite side of the room. A girl lay comatose on it. She too was naked. Her hair was brown. She was tall. Her bare chest rose and fell soundlessly. Beside her was a table. On it were scalpels and needles and scissors and razors and knives with serrated edges, all gleaming in the artificial light. He was next to her suddenly. He didn’t recall walking across the room. His hand was on her leg now. He felt her flesh. It was warm. So very warm. In his other hand was a scalpe. It gleamed brighter. It was eager.
His hand moved like a flash of lightning. A feminine shriek, unearthly and terrible, pierced the air. The scalpel came back bloody, gleaming scarlet even brighter than before. His hand shot out again, and the scream grew more anguished. He grabbed the serrated knife and brought it down heavily. Again and again he brought it down. The scream stopped. Blood was on the knife. Blood was on his hands. He smiled hungrily.

The sound of the school bell awoke him from his troubled dream. He gathered his things. The last edges of the dream still tugged on his sleeve. Tempting. He shook them off.
He walked through the halls, looking only at his feet. Someone shoved him to the side, and the faceless bully laughed, saying something offensive. The boy didn’t listen. He simply looked at his feet again. The thing in his backpack gleamed, just as it did in his dream, and called to him pleadingly.

No. I won’t. Not now, and not ever.
Or at least…
Not yet.

Noah and Joshua
It was a perfect evening. The sky was clear, the stars twinkling, and the moon shone brightly, low and heavy in the vault of the heavens. A navy blue sedan pulled up in front of the average, every-day suburban home, and shuddered to a halt. Exhaust curled lazily out of the tail pipe and drifted up through the air into the cold, starry sky. The car had stalled next to the home’s brick mailbox for only a moment, however, before the house’s front door swung open violently and a short, slender brunet ran out, hastily slammed the door behind him, and sprinted to the car. He pulled the passenger door open and jumped in. His cheeks were flushed and he smiled breathlessly as he looked at the driver of car. The other boy, also brown-haired, sitting in the driver’s seat returned the smile and asked, “Ready, Joshua?” The shaggy-haired boy only nodded in response.
The car pulled away from the home smoothly and glided off down the road.

The two were largely quiet during the drive. It had all of the tension an awkward first date often has. Joshua, his excitement having cooled off into pure unadulterated nerves, looked at the older, taller boy out of the corner of his eye, too anxious to say anything. The taller boy, the driver Noah, had no idea what to say either. He instead locked his hands on the wheel and kept his eyes firmly cemented to the pavement of the road. The silence prevailed for minutes. Joshua opened his mouth hesitantly as if to say something, but stopped and merely looked back out the window, blushing. Noah opened his mouth as if to say something, but all that leaked out was a lame, “...So, um, you ready for the movie?” He looked expectantly over at Joshua, and smiled somewhat awkwardly.
“N-Noah! Squirrel!”
Noah turned back to the road and grabbed the wheel, swerving without even thinking. A small blur of chestnut fur ran blindly about, finally making it to safety off-road just as the out-of-control sedan passed.
Noah quickly regained control of the car, bringing it back into the correct lane. “Holy crap! God, it was just a squirrel!” Noah shouted, only half-angrily.
“W-well, you were gonna run it over!” Joshua blushed, this time in frustrated embarrassment. He glared at Noah indignantly. The tall brunet glanced quickly over to his passenger. And then he started to laugh. It started as a chuckle, but then grew into a full-fledged guffaw. Joshua’s face tried hard to remain angry, but soon his tight line of a mouth curved into a smile, and soon he too was laughing hysterically.
“God! I though we were going to die the way you screamed!”
“You were going to kill the squirrel! I didn’t want the squirrel dead!”
“Well you didn’t need to freak out!” Noah said, smiling.
“Excuuuuuse me, princess for caring about wildlife!”
The rest of the drive was filled with laughter and talking.

It was one of those retro drive-in theaters. The lot was half-full at best. The snack bar was dirty and old. The movie was in black and white, on top of being cheesy and forgettable.
It was perfect.
The two boys laughed and chatted throughout the movie. Noah was loud and rowdy, joking and poking fun. Joshua was quieter, preferring to listen to everything the taller boy had to say.
After what seemed more like minutes rather than hours, the credits began to roll and cars began to depart. “Well…” Noah said, “I guess that means it’s time to go home.”
Joshua’s smile fell, “Yeah, I guess.”
The car was put into gear and pulled out of the lot, headed towards home. Joshua leaned his head against the window and watched the road rushing past, thinking.
But I don’t want it to end.
Not yet.

2. I want it to be perfect.
Alex and Jessica
Alex Black snored as the soporific voice of Mr. Page continued droning on and on. Drool dripped out of the corner of his mouth, pooling in a bubbly, reflective puddle on his desk.
“Mr. Black!”
Alex snapped awake groggily as the bald-headed teacher slammed a ruler on his desk and shouted. “I hope that my lecture wasn’t boring you too much, was it?” Mr. Page asked, tilting his head inquisitively.
Alex stifled a yawn, still too tired to think very clearly, “Well it was pretty dull sir.” The shiny dome of the teacher’s head turned bright red as he clenched his teeth in anger. Alex cringed. Crap, he didn’t need to piss off his teachers any more than he already had; his position on the football team was already in jeopardy due to his steadily falling grades.
Fortunately for the slacker student, the school bell rang just before Mr. Page’s anger could boil over and steam could come pouring out his ears. “Ugh,” The frustrated teacher sighed, “class dismissed. Your homework is problems 12 through 25 in your packet. You may go.” The class simultaneously broke into motion, all of them flooding towards the door.
“All of you, except you, Mr. Black,” The teacher added just as Alex began heading for the door, “I’d like a word with you.”
Sighing, Alex sat down with his backpack across from the elderly high school math teacher at his desk, avoiding eye contact while the teacher stared directly at him. They sat in silence for several moments before Mr. Page sighed and took off his glasses, rubbing his temples.
“Alex, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I want nothing more than to help you learn and succeed, and I know for a fact that if you don’t shape up and start doing better in my class you are not going to be able to maintain your position on the football team.” The educator leaned back in his chair, looking tired, “I’m not sure what to do; I’m making every effort to help you, but if you can’t even stay awake in class, I don’t think I’m going to be able to help.”
Alex look to the side sullenly, annoyed. The old man was right, but it still bothered him. He was trying as hard as he could!
“I think you need to take a good long look at what things are really important to you and be careful to maintain those things.”
Alex nodded slightly, and mumbled, “Yes sir.”
“One more thing… what exactly is that bruise on your neck?”
Alex grabbed his neck protectively.
His mouth was on hers. Their bodies were coated in sweat in the darkness of the fire escape. Theirs lips roamed, from kissing to being on their necks. Their bodies pressed together tightly, almost as one. But not really. They weren’t connected yet, there were layers of clothes separating his warmth from hers. They were not truly joined together into one, he had yet to enter her, but he wanted to so desperately.
Alex let go of his neck, “Lacrosse. I, uh, got nailed in the neck with a lacrosse ball.”
The teacher crossed his arms and nodded slightly, “Uh-huh…” He sighed heavily once more, “Well, I suppose that’s all, you may go.” He gave Alex a pointed look, “But remember what I said, Mr. Black, and think on it.”
Alex thanked him without feeling and left.

The halls were full to the bursting. Teenagers criss-crossed each others’ paths, narrowly missing collisions. Alex plowed easily through the crowd, largely ignoring anything, or more accurately, anyone in his way.
“Hey big guy.” Alex turned around, finding behind him the petite frame of Jessica Browning, the girl he was so recently sucking face with. “Hey babe.” He grinned and wrapped his thick, strong arms around her narrow waist, and leaned over to put a light a kiss on her lips. She fidgeted uncomfortably in his arms, “I thought I told you not to kiss me in public; it makes me uncomfortable.”
He pulled her closer, “Aww, but why baby? It just shows everyone how much I love you.” Her body was so warm and soft pressed up against his.
“Well, I just don’t want people thinking I’m some kind of slut or something.”
“Aww, babe, no one’s gonna think that. It’s normal for a guy and his girl to hug, and touch, and kiss,” His voice lowered a bit, “And it’s normal for them to do other stuff too.”
“I’m not going to have sex with you.” She whispered curtly, “I’ve told you, I’m waiting for when we get married.”
It was Alex’s turn to fidget, “Well, but why?”
Jessica smiled sweetly and dreamily, “Our first time… I just want¬- I want it to be perfect. I don’t want to do it in some dirty stairwell or in a motel bed. I want our love to be consummated on our marriage bed, so that we are pure in the eyes of the Lord.”
Alex sighed inwardly; here she goes again with her religious crap. He kissed her forehead, stopping her from continuing, “Listen baby, I gotta go to class now, if I’m late again Mrs. Gaffert will kill me.” He let go of her, feeling empty as her warm body drew away from him. “Talk to you later sweetie,” She said as he turned to walk away.
“See ‘ya later, babe.”
The equations were easy.
They always were. Jake doodled in red after finishing. Beside him the idiotic jocks were still struggling with two plus two. Jake crumpled a sheet of paper into a ball, and began stabbing it with the pen. It plunged in smoothly, piercing the flimsy paper easily.
The knife plunged in smoothly too.
He shook the thought away. That was wrong. He knew that.
It pierced her flesh easily too.
It was just a dream. It doesn’t mean anything.
Then why do you have a knife in your backpack.
Just because. It doesn’t mean anything. Those crazy jerks are very capable of cornering me and killing me. It’s just insurance.
Keep telling yourself that.
Jake continued stabbing the paper ball. He tried to avoid thinking about the gleaming blade in his backpack. He tried to think about anything else. He thought about Isabella. He liked her. She was gracefully tall, and had silken brown hair.
The girl in the dream was tall. She had brown hair too.
T-That doesn’t matter! It was just a dream.
Are you sure. She looked a lot like Isabella.
No she didn’t!
Did she? The dream was hazy thinking back. The girl had been tall and brown-haired. That was all. She didn’t look much like Isabella at all really. Right? Well, she did have a similar body structure; all feminine curves, wide hips, those big breasts. She had soft, smooth skin; flesh that yielded so easily to the razor-sharp blade-
No! No, those are bad thoughts! It wasn’t her. Just because he had a dream doesn’t mean it was of his crush. They looked similar that was all. They just looked simi-
“Gah!” Jake’s thoughts were interrupted. He had stabbed himself accidentally while messing around with the paper ball. “Problem, Mr. Heme?” The young teacher’s voice cut through the air as she looked over at the teen.
“No Ma’am.”
“Then shut up.” The teacher continued with her lesson.
The rest of class passed quickly. Jake kept his mind focused only on math, watching the numbers in their complex dance. The bell rang and he left.
Then, there in the hall, Jake saw her. Her long, flowing hair danced about her shoulders, a smile was always playing at her lips. I should just go talk to her. Ask her to hang out. Or even on a date.
No, that was foolish. He couldn’t just ask her.
I want to, but it wouldn’t work. I need to be careful. She thinks I’m creepy. When I ask her it needs to be right. I want it to be perfect.
He went to his next class feeling determined. The dream was buried at the very base of his mind.
Noah and Joshua
Noah was at his locker when Sophie walked up. She stood behind him, waiting expectantly for him to notice her. She wore a black tutu on top of neon green leggings, and a black tank top with streaks of neon paint all across it; on her hands were two black, fishnet fingerless gloves. She tapped her foot loudly, and cleared her throat. Noah was still oblivious to her presence. She took a deep breath.
Noah let out a squeal somewhere between the sound of a little girl screaming and a dying pig, and jumped about two feet into the air. “God, Sophie!” His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat and continued in a deeper voice, “You scared me!” She was giggling madly, clearly reveling in managing to make the big, tough Noah practically wet himself. The aforementioned big, tough Noah managed not to comment on, or even notice, her attire; it was a regular occurrence for Sophie to look like a Claire’s had thrown up on her. “Sooooo, how’d it go!?” She asked smiling, once she had calmed down.
Noah shrugged, “Fine.” Sophie stared him down, unhappy with the answer. He met her gaze bravely, but no mortal man could match the power of a woman’s angry stare, and Sophie was anything but the average woman. He soon gave in, his eyeballs smoking from the effort of gazing into her fiery eyes. He sighed and rubbed his poor, battered eyeballs. “We went to the drive-in. We talked, we laughed. Birds sang in the trees and the very angels of heaven descended down to blow a fanfare on their celestial trumpets to herald the coming of our love,” he said, his face devoid of emotion and his voice lacking in any noticeable inflections.
“Well, did you kiss?”
“Pff, no. It was the first date.”
Sophie made a face, “Honey, if I had someone as cute as our little Joshy in my car I’d do a lot more than kiss, first date or no.”
Noah rolled his eyes, “Well I’m not a whore like you. Plus…” He looked to the side, avoiding any sort of eye contact, “I- I want our first kiss to be… perfect, you know? Not just something done on a whim in the parking lot of some seedy drive-in.” He stopped, most likely realizing how much like an ovulating woman he sounded. Sophie was smiling at him, and surprisingly her words were kind, “No worries, brotato, I understand ‘ya.” Her smile turned cloyingly saccharine, “And now, sweet, dear Noah, I have other business to attend to.”
She skipped off gaily and innocently. Noah knew instantly she was up to something evil. Nevertheless he shook his head and walked the opposite way towards his next class; there was no way he was getting involved in one of her schemes again.

Joshua was at his locker when Sophie walked up. She didn’t waste any time.
Joshua shrieked and dropped his books, jumping several feet into the hair. “W-What do you want, Sophie?” He asked once his heart had started beating again, kneeling at the same time to pick up his things. Sophie made no move to help him. “Oh, I don’t want anything, I just came over to chat, y’know?” Joshua, still kneeling, looked up at her with suspicion plastered all over his face. She smiled again, “…Soooooo, how’d it go?” What she was referring to required no explanation.
Joshua flicked some of his hair out of his eyes and, sighing, sat down and leaned against the wall, “It was fine... More than fine, really; it was amazing, actually. We went to the movies, talked, laughed; he drove me home and escorted me to the door. He was the perfect gentleman; I was the perfect blushing maiden. The perfect G-rated date.” Joshua’s face as he said the last few words implied that perhaps he might have wanted a little more than just the perfect “G-rated” date. Sophie nodded sagely, and sat down beside Joshua. She could always depend on him to give more details than Noah, at the very least. She smiled slyly and asked, “…And? Did you two kiss?” She knew the answer of course, but it was imperative to see how the long-haired boy would answer.
Joshua blushed madly, “N-no! Well… I mean, I probably would have, but Noah didn’t make any sort of move.” Bingo, just what she wanted to hear. “And, I mean, that’s a good thing, right? I mean… it was only the first date. We don’t need to be doing stuff like that, I guess. I mean we’re not boyfriends or anything.” Joshua’s face as he said the last few words implied that perhaps, just maybe, he would very much like them to be boyfriends. Sophie nodded knowingly again, and gave a sympathetic smile, “You’re right, it’s probably better that there was no kiss; you don’t want to dive into things too quickly.” Just as expected, Joshua bit his lip and began blathering again, “W-well, I mean, it wouldn’t have been terrible or anything had he kissed me, just the opposite really; it would have been perfect…. The perfect end to the perfect evening… But we didn’t kiss. So, I guess it doesn’t matter now, but really it would have been perfect. ” Joshua looked a sickening blend between dreamy and disappointed. Sophie reached her hand out and put it on his shoulder in a reassuring gesture, while inwardly she was rolling her eyes at how much he sounded like an ovulating woman, “Well, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that; everything will work out in due time, I’m sure of it.” With a little help from me that is, She added silently.
Sophie stood up suddenly, dusting off her tutu, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend to.” She turned on her heel and strode off confidently, leaving Joshua weakly calling after her, “Um, okay, bye, I guess.” It took less than four steps for the throng to swallow her up entirely from his view. Joshua flicked his hair out of his eyes once more, stood up with his books, and walked towards class, wondering what the hell Sophie was up to now.

Those two boys just don’t know what’s good for ‘em, Sophie thought as she strutted down the hall, but luckily for them, they have me! She stopped and clapped her hands and giggled madly, making passerby wonder what the heck is wrong with the goth chick this time, Watch out my little Noah and Joshy, ‘cause it’s Sophie’s turn to play matchmaker!
3. So, I heard there’s a party this weekend.

Alex and Jessica
English was marginally better than Math. The young Mrs. Gaffert droned on about the importance of verbals in language without ever really explaining why they were important. Despite this, Alex managed to not doze off, and even look like he was at least halfway engaged in the lecture, if only because he was spending most of the period admiring his teacher’s hourglass physique. She was a young, new teacher, but nevertheless considered by a majority of her students to be as incredibly dull and lifeless as the oldest old maid at the school. She had a great chest though. If it weren’t for her shapely bosom and tight, body-hugging sweater, Alex would have inevitably fallen asleep by this point.
His phone vibrated silently in his pocket. He had a text. The curvy teacher was still talking about verbals in the same monotonous voice. Alex tried to ignore the phone, but every second that passed made the little, electronic box feel heavier and heavier in his pocket. Finally, he gave in, and slipped his hand into his pocket and surreptitiously pulled out his cell. The text was from James, a fellow football player.
hey dude, party this fri @ my place, there’s gonna b beer and chicks, u in?
Trying to be inconspicuous, Alex kept his gaze on the attractive Mrs. Gaffert, a feat that was not very difficult, as he carefully typed his response underneath the table. Texting without eyesight was a skill difficult to master for many teens, but Alex found it to be one of his best skills, and he considered it a talent that would most assuredly be incredibly useful and applicable in the future.
yea, im in, but u no i have a gf already
The response took only seconds.
watever dude, bring her to
k, i will, c u there
cool, c u

Alex continued looking thoughtfully up at the teacher, nodding occasionally as if to say, “Wow, I am genuinely shocked at the wealth of knowledge you are sharing with us, and I am so glad that I get to learn about verbals, which will undoubtedly help me to better appreciate the works of William Faulkner.” Meanwhile, he scrolled through his contact list without even looking at the screen and chose the contact labeled “Jessica <3 <3.” The hearts, of course, were Jessica’s idea. Quickly, he formulated his message, employing his most eloquent diction.
hey babe, party this fri, c u then? Wink
The reply was instantaneous. A resounding yes, followed by an inordinate amount of hearts. Alex smiled; life was pretty good for him.
He left the classroom still completely ignorant about verbals, but much more knowledgeable about the shape and size of his teacher’s breasts.
English never interested Jake quite as much as math. It was always such a nebulous concept to him. How could a book or a story hold so much meaning to others? Books were simply comprised of chapters comprised of paragraphs comprised of sentences comprised of words comprised of letters. Letters did nothing more than represent simple phonetic sounds produced in the larynx, so how could such a great collection of them mean anything at all? How could something be so much greater than the sum of its parts? It never made quite a lot of sense to him. Words had meaning; they transferred information. Great numbers of them simply relayed a great amount of information. There was no magic to it, nothing special or amazing. English was a subject that would never be easy for him. There was one thing in the class that delighted Jake though.
It was beautiful, like math but with words. One subject plus one predicate equals one sentence. The words had values in grammar, this one a verb, that one an adjective. Their meaning didn’t even matter any more, so long as they were in the correct order. It was something that appealed to Jake far more than the subjective, inconsistent study of literature and writing. His teacher, the young, but dull woman named Mrs. Gaffert, was lecturing about verbals, while Jake eagerly took notes. She also blathered on about how much better one could appreciate Faulkner’s genius if one understands verbals, but that didn’t interest Jake much.
All too soon the class ended, and Jake, still pondering the complex mathematics of grammar, wandered into the halls. The hallway, per usual, was filled to the bursting with teenagers. People loitered about talking, laughing, and there were several couples getting a bit too close to one another. Jake was suddenly overcome with a burning hatred for every person surrounding them.
Look at them all. They block the halls and don’t even think about the trouble they’re causing me. They all think they’re perfect. They’re all self-entitled, greed, irresponsible, uncaring assholes. They should all just die.
Jake continued walking silently, though inside his rage burned bright. It was not a long-burning fire though, and soon it had died down to only embers.
It’s not their fault. They’re not blocking the halls on purpose, they just don’t think about it.
He grew angry once more, suddenly and fiercely.
But shouldn’t they think about it? Does being too stupid to realize you’re wrong justify the wrongful act? They’re all assholes and they should all die. Listen to their mindless prattle, it’s disgusting!
“Dude, did you see that chick last night? She was so hot, man!”
“So then I said, ‘That’s not an owl, it’s a monkey wearing a wetsuit!’ AHAHAHAHA!”
“Man, everyone is gonna be there: Joe, Alex, Jessica, Kourtney, oh and that chick, Isabella too.”
That last one caught Jake’s attention. Isabella? Going to be where? He crept closer in a way that he intended to be nonchalant, but was in reality incredibly conspicuous. Luckily, the two boys holding the conversation were far too thick-headed to even take note of Jake.
They were jocks, presumably. Jake couldn’t say for the life of him what their names were or what sport they played, but they were tall, muscled, and look as though they had a combined IQ of less than the arc sine of one in degrees. Jake didn’t bother to pay attention to their faces, who they were wasn’t important to him; he just wanted to hear about Isabella.
“Cool man, I’ll be there. Where’s the party again?”
The other screwed up his face as if thinking very hard.
“Uh, this Friday at James Sunderland’s place.”
Jake didn’t stick around to listen to more. There was a party this Friday that Isabella would be at. It would be easy enough to look up who James Sunderland was and find out where he lived.
This was his chance to finally talk to Isabella.
Jake smiled hungrily, and stalked off, eager for the coming Friday.
Noah and Joshua
Sophie stared blankly at her blank sheet of paper, her mind completely blank. Damn Spanish! “Odio español mucho,” she muttered sullenly under her breath, “I hate Spanish a lot.” She was supposed to be writing an essay, in Spanish of course, about how she acted as a child, to practice the past tense and expand on her vocabulary yadda yadda yadda. She slammed her head onto her desk with a heavy THUD, the pain barely registering. Trying to think about anything but stupid Romance languages she was currently being forced to learn, she allowed her mind to wander.
It wandered straight to the topic of Noah and Joshua.
It had already been a whole hour since her resolution to play matchmaker with the two, and she had yet to get them making out with one another. She was far behind schedule.
I need some pretense to get them close together in an environment where people kiss often. Somewhere that they’ll feel at ease and have fun.
Just then, Sophie’s phone buzzed noisily in her pocket. Her teacher, Señora Oldman, was at her computer busy doing something that didn’t involve paying any sort of attention to her class. Sophie took her cell out, making no attempts to be inconspicuous. The text was from her friend, and it was like a message from God, giving her the golden opportunity she was searching for.
Partie this Fri @ James house, b there or b square
Yes! That was it! What place was more romantic than a highschool house party? She would get the two lovebirds there, they would have fun, maybe drink a little, and then BAM! They’d be kissing like…. like- like two things that kiss a lot!
Sophie sat back in her chair, proud of her foolproof plan. But then it hit her. How could she ensure that Noah would make any sort of move? It was clear that Joshy was willing, but he was way too much of a woman to ever make the first move, and Noah was wimping out on her too now! She had to make sure that Noah wouldn’t have any inhibitions that might prevent the most important kiss of Sophie’s life from taking place! And Sophie knew the one thing that got rid of inhibitions faster than a serial killer gets rid of a body: alcohol.
It was simple really. All she had to do was get Noah to the party separately from Joshua, then get him to loosen up a little with some beer, or vodka…. Or maybe Everclear. It was perfect.
Sophie picked up her pencil and began writing her essay, feeling much more pleased with herself.

When the bell rang, Sophie shot out of her seat and straight out the door. It took her only moments to reach Joshua’s locker. Unsurprisingly, she had beat him there, and was forced to stand waiting for several seconds longer than she could possibly put up with. He walked up quickly enough though, and the second Sophie spotted him she ran up, shouting.
“You. Me. Party. Friday. Be there, or I’ll murder you as you sleep.”
He sputtered confusedly, “I- you- what- um… Okay, I guess.”
“Good.” She nodded curtly, and was off again. Joshua blinked slowly as she ran away, still processing what had just happened. Then he laughed and opened his locker.
It took Sophie a slightly longer time to reach Noah’s locker as she was forced to fight through a crowd of people to get there. Noah was already at his locker, getting his books out for his next class. She wasted no time waiting for him to notice her. She grabbed his shirt and spun him around forcibly, a rather impressive show of strength for a girl of her slim stature.
Noah squeaked in confusion and he was spun around. Sophie brooked no response from him, but rather spoke loudly and commandingly, “You. Me. Party. Friday. Be there, or I will kill your boyfriend as he sleeps.”
Noah’s face broke into an indignant scowl, “He’s not my boyfriend!” The way he averted his eyes at the last moment, though, seemed to tack on a silent addendum of Not yet, anyways.
Sophie grabbed his shirt collar and dragged his face right up to hers, giving him the same burning stare she had given only an hour or so ago. “YOU. PARTY. FRIDAY, OR ELSE YOU SHALL PRAY TO EVERY GOD YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN THAT YOU HAD NEVER BEEN BORN.”
Noah gave out a submissive meep. Sophie stared into his eyes for a second longer and then gave a short nod, as if to say, “Good. Now don’t forget your place, SLAVE.”
She let go of his collar and strode off. Her plan was now well underway.
4. A little alcohol never hurt anyone.

Alex and Jessica
Alex looked himself over in the mirror. He flexed, admiring the way his muscles bulged out. He grinned, satisfied. He grabbed his keys and his phone and headed out his bedroom door. He was dressed simply, in jeans and a stylish t-shirt. His hair was gelled up into spikes, and his teeth were clean, polished to gleaming perfection. He ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time, and called a quick goodbye to his parents as he sped out the front door and to his car.
He drove quickly and impatiently, barely stopping at signs and speeding up to avoid yellow lights. He didn’t stop to pick Jessica up; they planned to meet up at the party later. When he arrived at James’s house, the party was in full swing. The street was packed full of parked cars and Alex was forced to get out a good block from the party simply because there was no room any closer. People loitered around out front and music was blasting loudly out through the open door and windows, shaking the ground with the pounding bass. Alex ambled through the front door into the din, giving casual greetings to others as he passed. It took him only moments to find James, who was busy dancing with a scantily-clad brunette. Though ‘dancing’ is really a relative term; it was more akin to the two simulating sex but with clothes on, she was grinding her body up against his in a grotesque, erotic display. Alex found himself enraptured at the sight of the girl’s body, her smooth legs, her firm butt grinding deeply against James’s groin, her practically exposed breasts, her entire body gyrating in a grossly inappropriate display. It was James who finally broke Alex’s reverie, after what seemed like hours but was more like seconds.
“Alex, dude! You made it!” He shouted happily, walking quite suddenly and without farewell from his ‘dance’ partner.
“Yeah, dude, of course.” Alex responded, then cut right to the chase, “So, you said there’d be beer. Where is it?”
James laughed, “Aha! That’s Alex for ya, always thinking about the alcohol. Come with me, I’ll get you some.”
Alex followed the tall football player and soon he held a red Solo cup in his hands, filled to the brim with the frothy liquid of his desire. He took a long draught of it, and smiled. Time to party.

An hour later, and at several red Solo cups later, Alex found himself at the kitchen table with a pitcher full of beer in his hand. Across the table sat James, with a similar pitcher. Another boy stood between the two, acting as referee, “Ready, on your marks, CHUG!”
Alex tilted the heavy pitcher back and began gulping rapidly, and across from him James did the same. A huge, loud crowd surrounded the both of them cheering raucously, “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” Alex’s throat muscles worked furiously, as quickly as he could swallow one mouthful, a new one took its place. Soon, however, the pitcher was nearing empty, and seconds later, he had emptied the container. He slammed it down on the table and stood up, his arms above his head in victory. A roar rose up from the crowd and Alex was surrounded by congratulations. Only a second later, James swallowed the last of his own and slammed it down, a sullen look on his face. James smiled, despite the pain from his overly full belly, and wondered where the hell his girlfriend was.

Jessica was finally finished preparing. Her hair was perfectly straight, her clothes without wrinkle or stain, and around her neck hung a silver cross, a testament to her faith. She closed her eyes and murmured a short prayer. Then, smiling, she ran out her door and down the steps, off to meet her knight in shining armor at the party.
It took her only minutes to drive to the house, and when she arrived she was somewhat put off by the sheer number of cars there, and the row that she heard emanating from the house. She didn’t like loud, wild parties, but evidently her boyfriend wasn’t aware of that. She was not overly disappointed though, and she resolved to ignore the less-than-preferable conditions and simply have fun. It was a party after all.

Alex was still basking in the glory of his victory when he finally spotted Jessica idling in a somewhat-empty corner, scanning the crowd to find him. He pushed his way effortlessly through the throng towards her, and smiled when he saw how her face brightened upon seeing him. “Hey babe,” he said gently when he reached her, and wrapped his arms around her and bent over to kiss her sweet lips.
She met his kiss gladly, and they locked together as one being for a precious, brief moment. Then they broke apart and Jessica’s face screwed up in utter disbelief. She leaned close to his face and sniffed, “Alex, your breath. It smells… H-have you been drinking!?” Suddenly she was struggling against his grip around her waist.
Alex held fast, “Yeah, babe, maybe a beer or two, but that doesn’t matter.” He tried to be casual, but he had a sudden sinking feeling in his gut.
Her voice was hurt, “Alex, I can’t believe you! How could you drink? It’s wrong!”
“But babe-“
“But nothing! Now let go of me!” She was now outright trying to get away from his arms, and even Alex’s buzzed mind knew better than to keep holding on to her. He let go, and she gave him a hard, angry look. For a moment Alex feared she might slap him, but she merely gazed furiously at him for a second before turning and struggling through the crowd, straight for the door. She was swallowed up by the crowd in seconds.
Alex sighed.
“Ow, that looked rough.”
Alex turned at the new voice. Now standing next to him was the half-naked brunette who had been dancing with James before. “Um… yeah. It was.” She edged closer to him, “Well, that’s too bad. Breakups are always sad. “
“Breakup? Who said we were breaking up?”
The brunette laughed haughtily, “Honey, do you think she’s gonna want you after that incident?” She leaned in close, “Sweetie, why don’t you forget about her? She’s a little Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes after all, she doesn’t deserve you, and you don’t deserve her. Why don’t you come with me and find out what a real woman is like?”
The brunette was smiling at him seductively, and Alex felt himself growing hot. His head was fuzzy from the alcohol, and he could no longer remember quite why he was always so concerned with what Jessica thought of him. “What do you say, big boy? Are you gonna come with me or are you gonna become Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes?”
Alex felt his pants getting tighter, and he followed the brunette willingly up the stairs.
It had been easy to find the address. The only problem Jake had even considered was that he wouldn’t be allowed in, but that concern too was unfounded. No one guarded the door and no one questioned his arrival. He walked in as easy as pi.
The party was crowded. He hated crowds. He especially hated the people who made up crowds. He felt the same anger that he felt in the halls of the school bubble up in him when he first walked in, and the blaring music and incessant roar of conversation only added to it. He calmed down though, when he remembered why he came. Isabella. She was here, and he was going to talk to her.
He began searching. It was far more difficult than he might have anticipated. The crowd was a living, breathing organism; it shifted and swayed, and Jake found himself searching seemingly endlessly for a needle in a moving haystack. He wandered about, getting pushed and shoved one way and then the other at every turn, but never actually coming across the girl of his dreams. Maybe he had heard wrong? Was she not at this party?
Finally, exhausted from the walking about, and his head hurting from the shouting of party-goers cheering on some idiotic drinking contest in the dining room, he sat down in a large armchair in the living room, where most of the dancing was taking place. He watched the lewd show of ‘dancing’ with a hungry eye. He considered momentarily joining it, but realized that being in close quarters with other people was sheer hell for him and stayed seated instead, choosing to enjoy the rather inappropriate show.
Then, on the verge of simply calling it quits and going home, he saw her. She was not grinding on a stranger, and she wasn’t chugging down beer like there was no tomorrow; she was too good for that. She was standing, somewhat shyly, in the corner, chatting with her friends. Instantly Jake sprung up and began to march towards her, but suddenly his mind wandered to all the things that could go wrong when he spoke. He wilted two steps in, and turned and walked the other way. He began panicking. His breathing was shallow and rapid, and his heart was threatening to burst through his chest.
I can’t just walk right up! I’ll say something stupid or be weird or creepy! I’m too nervous. She’ll hate me. She’ll vilify me. She’ll reject me.
Suddenly he found himself in the kitchen. He didn’t remember walking in. On the table in front of him was a variety of liquor, beer and spirits and vodka. A bottle of vodka was in his hand now. The clear container gleamed in the artificial light. It was eager.
He twisted off the cap. He brought the bottle to his lips. He tilted it back.
The liquid burned as he swallowed it. He swallowed more.
Noah and Joshua
Sophie and Noah were one of the first few guests to trickle into the party. Sophie had done this on purpose to make sure she could get Noah nice and buzzed in time for Joshy’s grand entrance. “Sophie… no one else is here yet.” Noah sounded annoyed. “Well, you know what they say; early bird gets the worm!” Sophie smiled brightly. They were seated in the dining room, just between the kitchen and the living room, sitting awkwardly without much to do. Music was already pumping loudly, and a steady stream of people was entering through the front door, a very small stream, but a stream nonetheless. “Well, what are we going to do til people actually get here?” Noah rubbed his temples, clearly annoyed.
Sophie looked thoughtful, “Weeeeelll…. Our host James is offering a rather extensive collection of… beverages.” She gave a Cheshire grin. Noah looked behind him, into the kitchen. A table had been set up filled with red Solo cups and beer on ice as well as several other alcoholic beverages, God only knows where the hell a high school student got his hands on that much liquor though. Noah bit his lip, “I don’t know, I don’t think we should be drinking….”
“Oh come on! Lighten up! It’s a party.” Sophie got up and walked away without waiting for a response and returned with two Solo cups filled with beer. Noah took his and looked at the liquid. He took a sip. It tasted nasty. But hey, it was beer, and after all, it was a party.

When Joshua arrived 2 hours later, the party was in full swing. He had been a bit hesitant about showing up by himself, but Sophie had insisted that she was going to get there early and she wanted Joshua to show up no early than 9. She didn’t explain why, but Joshua knew better than to question her. Last time he had, his groin had ached for weeks afterward. He walked through the front door hesitantly, feeling uncomfortable in the loud, oppressive environment. He looked around helplessly for Sophie, and managed to find her dancing and drinking somehow at the same time. “AH!” She shouted when she saw Joshua, and pushed the guy she was dancing with aside, “Finally, you’re here Joshy! Noah and I have been waiting!”
Noah was here? That took Joshua a bit by surprise. The tall boy and himself had been talking and hanging out everyday since their date, but it hadn’t come up that he was going to be at this party too. Was that Sophie’s work as well somehow?
Sophie was clearly very happy at Joshua’s surprised expression; she was smiling broadly and laughing. She pointed towards the dining room, “He’s over there. Go get ‘im, tiger.” She gave the slim boy a friendly nudge.
Joshua walked hesitantly towards the dining room, there was a huge mass of people surrounding the table where evidently some sort of inane drinking contest. There, on the edges or the throng, Joshua spotted Noah. He was currently busy shouting “CHUG!” over and over at the two competing drinkers. Joshua instantly felt a little pang of anger in his stomach. Was Noah really being so stupid? He walked up behind him and
tapped him on the shoulder. Noah turned, and smiled widely, “IT’S JOOOOSHYYY~” He laughed loudly and hugged the shorter boy. Joshua quickly struggled free from his grasp, angry. “Noah? What’s wrong with you!? Just how much have you been drinking?”
Noah chose to ignore the question and instead continued blathering drunkenly, “Have I ever told you that I love you Joshua? I DO! I luuuuurrrrrv you so much.” He giggled madly as if he had said something hilarious and leaned forward and kissed Joshua right on the mouth, his lips slobbering all over Joshua’s in a clumsy manner. Joshua reeled backwards instantly, and pushed Noah aside, sending him to the floor beside Joshua. At the same time, a roar went up from the crowd and the victor of the drinking match stood up with his arms raised in victory.
Joshua gazed coldly down at Noah, who was trying to stand back up and regain his balance. Without saying a word, he turned and strode for the front door. Noah tried to call after him as he walked away, but it was too late. Joshua’s furious reaction managed to clear Noah’s head somewhat and he closed his eyes and sighed.
Shit. What had he done?
5. Flaws
The bedroom was dark. A thin ring of light filtered in from around the door, dully shining in the blackness, and the sounds of the party shook the flooring. Up against the wall was an undulating mass of limbs and flesh. It moved and squirmed, locked in a strange dance of pleasure. In the dark it was impossible to see that the mass was in fact two separate beings. They were entangled deeply in one another, ravaging each others’ mouths with their own, pressing their bodies together until they appeared as a single organism. But their bodies were not one. Not yet. They were still separated by layers of clothing. His warmth was not her warmth. He had not entered her. But he wanted to. His big hands were on her hips, and as they continued kissing, he began moving them ever so slightly upwards, coming nearer and nearer to the objects of his desire.
No hand moved to stop him.
He felt them. Their shape. Their size.
The girl removed her shirt, and they were all his.
Soon their clothes had all been shucked off, and he could see her warmth, and she his.
When they became one, it was like nothing he had ever felt before.

The world was spinning. The crowd was on the ceiling. The dancers were upside down. Everything looked wrong. The room around him danced and swayed with every step. None of that concerned him though. Only she did. She was still in the corner. She was talking. Chatting. He couldn’t get to her when she was with her friends. He waited silently.
Finally he had his chance. She excused herself to the bathroom. He followed behind her. He felt the object in his pocket as he walked. It was heavy. He didn’t know why he grabbed it. Just like when he grabbed a similar thing from home and put it in his backpack. Maybe some part of him knew. Knew what he’d do if rejected.
The bathroom was in a dark hallway where no party-goers bother with. She flicked on the light and entered the bathroom. She closed the door behind her, but before it slammed shut he grabbed it. He forced it open. She gasped in surprise.
“I’m sorry, but I’m using this bathroom. Could you let me close the door please?”
She was so polite. Her brown hair was pretty in this light as well.
He opened his mouth, “I love you.” Her eyes widened at that. She didn’t know what to say. He continued, “I’ve always loved you. I would see you every day. In math. I would watch you. I would want to talk to you. I would wait for you to pass me in the halls. I love you.” He was crazed. It was clear. She had no idea how to respond.
His mouth twisted into a cruel, insane smile. “I’ve always loved you. And I always will.” She backed away slowly. “Stop it,” she commanded in a shaky tone, “Stop it right now. You’re scaring me.”
His mouth twisted into a sickening scowl, “YOU’RE SCARING ME? YOU’RE SCARING ME? THAT’S WHAT IT ALWAYS IS, ISN’T IT? JAKE IS WEIRD, JAKE IS CREEPY, JAKE IS SCARY! I LOVED YOU, AND I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU. SO WHY!? WHY?” He reached into his back pocket. In his hand was a knife. It gleamed brilliantly.
It flashed like a bolt of lightning. Her scream was heavenly.
Noah and Joshua
Noah stumbled out of the front door, still having trouble keeping his balance.
“Joshua! Wait!”
Joshua stopped and turned, allowing Noah to catch up. “What? What are you going to say that could possibly make this better!?” Joshua’s face was red and angry, “I really liked you Noah! And this is what you do!? You get drunk and act like a complete moron at a party! I cannot believe you!” Noah opened his mouth, “I- I’m sorr-“
“You’re sorry!?” Joshua cut off, “It’s too late for that! I’m going home, and do NOT follow me!” He stormed off once again, and felt his eyes cloud up with tears. He broke into a run, and crossed the street without looking.
The street was crowded on both sides with cars. It was dark. It was loud. The driver was a bit tipsy. He was going too fast.
There was a squeal and a horn and a scream and a collision and Noah shouted Joshua’s name and blood was on the pavement.
6. Alright.

“Thanks. That was good.” The brunette was getting dressed. Alex was confused, “Is that all, you’re just leaving now?” The brunette scoffed at him, “Well, we had sex, it was good, and now we’re done. I’m going home.” She was now fully dressed, or at least what passed for fully dressed for her. “It’s been fun.”
Alex watched his lover walk out the door and leave him alone and naked. He felt dirty.

There was knock at the door. It was late, and Jessica was sitting in bed, trying to puzzle out math homework. “Come in.” She called. Her mother opened the door. “Alex called again. Are you sure you don’t want to talk to him?” It had been two weeks since the disastrous party. The night had been weird, first there was Alex getting drunk and treating her poorly, but after that a rumor went around that he had sex with some girl he had never met before. The strangest part was that there were far worse things that had happened that night, that accident in the road, and then the stabbing. The night as a whole left the entire student population reeling, and Jessica in particular had been hit hard by the event. She had refused to talk to Alex that whole time. She fingered the small cross around her neck. “I’m sure.”
Her mother looked at her concerned. “Sweetie, are you okay?”
Her daughter sighed, “Yeah, I think I’ll be alright.” Her mom frowned, “Well, if you’re sure… But sweetie, if you ever need to talk, I’m always there for you.”
“I know, Mom. Goodnight.”
“Good night.” The door closed.
Suddenly there was a light tap at the window. A second later, there was another. Jessica stood up, confused, and opened up her blinds to look outside. There, on her front lawn, was Alex, holding a small pebble, getting ready to toss it at her window. She opened up the window and called out, “Alex! Go home!”
“No! We need to talk! Please! Give me a chance!”
Jessica was surprised. She had never heard Alex actually want to talk, nor had she ever heard him say please. “Fine,” She called, “I’ll be down in a minute.”

She opened her front door and walked out into the cold night, clad in a bathrobe. “What do you want, Alex?”
He looked at her pleadingly, “I wanted to say I’m sorry. I was a real jerk and I made some stupid decisions, but I’m ready to make up for it. Please take me back. I really like you. And I want to be your boyfriend again.”
It was strange hearing those words from the big, burly football player, and Jessica was taken aback.
“I’m sorry, Alex… but I can’t forgive you yet. Maybe someday things will be alright between us again… but right now, I just can’t.”
His face fell. Jessica sighed, and leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the man. “Maybe someday soon, I’ll forgive you. But not yet.”
That was enough for him.
He was alone in the hospital room.
Everything is alright
There were usually nurses or doctors, but at night he was all alone with his ghosts and monsters and the voices yelling at him.
Everything is alright
It’s not your fault

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been here, but he suspected he wouldn’t be getting out any time soon.
Everything is alright
It’s not your fault
She deserved it

Numbers kept him company though. 1+1 is 2. Sine of pi over 2 is 1. They kept him from being too lonely.
The memories still haunted him though.
She deserved it
The knife gleaming.
It’s not your fault
The blood splatter
Everything is alright
How easily he had snuffed out her life.
Everything is alright
How… how GOOD it felt.
Noah and Joshua
The ambulance was fast. They only grudgingly let Noah in the back though. Joshua’s parents were called and notified, and arrived at the hospital only minutes after the ambulance did.
Thankfully, the injuries were not life-threatening, and the doctors took care of all the major concerns quickly and without complication.
Nevertheless, Noah sat by his bedside all night.

Joshua woke up in the morning to see Noah’s face. “Hey,” He said hoarsely.
“Did I get hit by a car?”
“Yeah,” Noah said, and suddenly the dam broke and the words came tumbling out, “And it’s all my fault, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking, it was stupid and I was stupid, and I’m sorry.” Noah sped up as he talked, all the words just kept falling out of his mouth. He expected Joshua to be angry or to shout or to tell him to leave or that he can’t forgive him.
Instead he laughed. Noah’s mouth dropped open. Joshua laughing trailed off, and he smiled, “It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault. You were being stupid, sure, but I didn’t need to overreact like I did. Plus, I’m all good now!” He tried to sit up, but winced in pain while doing so. “Be careful!” Noah cautioned, “You’re still hurt, the car really did a number on you.”
“Don’t worry. I’m gonna be alright.”
Noah gulped, “Hey Joshua?” The long-haired boy looked inquisitively at Noah, “Yes?”
Noah took a deep breath, “I think I love you.”
Joshua said nothing, but beckoned Noah closer. Noah obliged and leaned in. Joshua grabbed the back of his head and brought his lips to Noah’s. Their mouths pressed together, merging into a single being. It lasted only a few brief, wonderful moments, and Joshua pulled back and said, “I love you too.”
Just then the door burst open. Sophie ran in sobbing. Her mascara was smeared down her face in a runny mess where her tears had washed it out of her eyes, and her face was puffy and red. She opened her mouth to speak, but her speech was choppy and choked with sobs, “I-I’m sorry Joshy! I di-didn’t mean t-to! I-I just wanted y-you and Noah to g-get together, and I- I- I don’t know! I was stupid! I though i-it was a good plan, b-but it w-wasn’t! I wanted Noah d-drunk, so he wouldn’t hesitate to k-kiss you, but it didn’t work l-like I’d hoped…” She hung her head in shame. Joshua bit his lip, “Sophie… That was pretty dumb of you.”
Sophie cringed, but said nothing. She deserved it, she knew.
Joshua continued, “But, you had good intentions I guess, and it’s not your fault this happened this way. You’re my friend Sophie, and I’m used to how you act; I’m not angry at you.”
Sophie looked up, shocked. Noah added on to Joshua’s statement, “Yeah, and that’s not the worse thing that happened at that party, not by a long shot. There was that stabbing that took place.”
Joshua’s eyes widened, “There was a STABBING?”
Sophie’s tears dried up in an instant, and only a second later she had made her way across the room and slapped Noah clear across the face, “Joshua is hurt! You don’t need to trouble him with stupid stories about things that he doesn’t need to worry about!”
Noah rubbed his face, but turned and gave Joshua a look that said, “I’ll fill you in later.” Sophie, her anger dissipated as quickly as her tears had, turned back to Joshua, “Are you really sure everything’s okay?”
Joshua looked at Sophie, in her gothic clothes and smeared make-up, and then at Noah, in his day-old clothes with bags under his eyes. Then he smiled, “I think everything’s going be alright.”
Noah smiled.

The ending is even shittier than the rest because I ran out of time to write this.

~Little things... I should have said and done, I just never took the time~

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Dude this is so long. I'll read it some time when I'm feeling more motivated to read and stuff.

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